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Look For Specific Scholarships For Best Approval Rates

Written By: admin - Nov• 29•10

There are lists upon lists of online scholarships that are available.  You could spend an hour looking through them and not even dent the surface due to their sheer number.  Finding ones you are qualified for is a different story and that is what makes the whole process tiresome.

While there are some general scholarships you can find online the majority of them are specific.  What that means is that the people handing them out are looking for specific people to get them.  The qualifications vary greatly from one to the next.  Lets present some typical scholarships available on the Internet and hopefully, after looking through them, you can make a decision on which ones you think you would qualify for.


There are many scholarships available for people who are active into politics.  Both the Democrats and Republicans have their own scholarships for college students who are part of their party and actively involved.  They figure if they help you out early in life you will be a lifetime member of theirs.

Some of them require you to just be a registered party member while others want to make sure that you are not only a member but involved in the system (ie. voting and helping campaign).  There are party scholarships on a national, state and citywide level available to students.  The aid can be from just $100 to $10,000.


Many religions, including churches, offer their members scholarships.  They are always having raffles and fund raisers going on for this purpose.  if you are religious or are part of a church then should do yourself a favor by looking into it.


Many wealthy individuals like setting up grants and scholarships for people who are actively involved in their communities. They want to help people who they feel have shown a willingness to help others.  Therefore, many scholarships of this nature (and these can be fairly lucrative) require its applicants to have completed some sort of non- compulsorily community service.  It could be helping the poor, cleaning the highways, building homes for low income people or any other activity that is considered to help out his community or fellow man.


There are scholarships for people pursuing different degrees of expertise.  For instance its common to see  free money set aside for people going to school to be lawyers, doctors, teachers, scientists or other professions.  There is the most money for people pursuing professions deemed by society to “help the public.” For instance you will find that there will be few scholarships for people wanting to be stock broker or real estate broker.  Those professions are not seen as helping humankind.  On the other hand a person who wanted to be a school guidance counselor or nurse would find any of them to choose from.

Nationwide and Local Businesses

It always look really good for public relations when a company offers struggling students financial assistance.  Nothing says “we care about our community” like giving out free scholarships.  It is one of the best tools for building good will from the public.  Why do you think corporations like Wal-Mart, McDonalds and Coca-Cola are always giving them out and telling everyone about it.

Think about some of the big companies in your area and inquire if they offer scholarships.  You will find that many of them do.  Many small ones do the same thing and many times they are for a large amount.  Car dealerships and local pizza restaurants are famous for this.

Using a little ingenuity and creativeness will greatly increase the likelihood of you finding good scholarships.  The most diligent and consistent individuals usually come away with the most money.  Do not procrastinate and then wonder why you cannot find any good ones.  Locate the right ones for you do not wait to submit your application.

Financial Aid For Working Parents

Written By: admin - Nov• 01•10

Things happen in life.  In a perfect world everyone finishes high school, goes to college, graduates, gets married, has kids and everyone retires at 65 with a nice pension.

While that would be an optimal scenario for many individuals there are a few roadblocks in life that stop that from happening.  Kids, financial obligations, health and just plain unexpected events get into the way.

Many people think that college is only meant for people in their late teens and twenties.  Many people think that after they have children their ability to go to school is over.  Many cannot fathom having to pay all their bills they currently have in addition to tuition expenses.

If you think any of those things then you are mistaken.  There are many grants, special loans and more importantly scholarships available just for people in your situation.

The government wants you to go back to school.  They figure  that if you, as a US citizen, have a college degree you will be more of an asset to your community, earn more and be able to pay higher taxes in the future.  It is in their best interest to help as many people through college (old and young) as they possibly can.

To accomplish this numerous programs that provide financial aid and scholarships to working parents have been set up.  They are available on national and state levels everywhere.  All you have to do is look for them and apply.

If you have one or more children at home it will not be easy to go back to school. Without a doubt a person who already has kids will have more challenges than one without them.  But, its not impossible and with the right scholarship you can get free money to pay for most, if not all, of your schooling.  The largest obstacle will be yourself.  Once you get past the idea of going back to school and start making the necessary preparations (like securing daycare) the money will be there for you to do so.  The scholarships working working parents are there.  The excuses have been taken away.  If you choose not to take advantage of them then you are missing an opportunity to benefit yourself and your family in the long term. No matter if you are a single mom, single dad or married with children this is something you need to start looking into.

Find College Scholarships Online Without Getting Scamed

Written By: admin - Sep• 30•10

Going to college is one of the best decisions you can make but also one of the most expensive.  The costs can be staggering. Between the actual tuition, books, lab fees and living expenses you might get to the point where you feel you cannot afford your education.

It would be nice if the solution was as simple as getting a part time job.  That, however, presents another slew of problems in itself.  Most of the employment you can find will be low paying , meaning you will have to work two of them to put a dent into your current bills but even besides that its virtually impossible to take a full load of classes, make good grades in them and work at the same time.

The best chance you have it looking for free scholarships you can take advantage of online.  Once you set aside the time to look for them you will find that they are the best solution possible.  These kinds of scholarships are usually given to individuals whom have reached a certain academic mark,  have met a required level of involvement in the community, affiliated themselves to a national political group, have been a par of a religious organization, have achieved something special or meet a pre-established financial  situation. Most of them require you submit not only a standard application but detailed information about yourself.

Many of them are tedious and will require you to invest at least an hour to fully fill them out.  There could be more time needed for ones that require you to write an essay about why you should receive a scholarship.  Start on them and complete them!

Be leery of specific scholarship sites that ask for questionable fees before you can submit an application.  Many of them will ask for a couple dollars in order for you to complete your application process.  These are usually scams and there are no real scholarships being offered on these sites.  Other sites have gotten crafty and will attempt to get you to purchase something from them before they either a) give you a list of available scholarships or b) can apply for one of their scholarships online.  Its a good idea to never pay for sign up for anything if that is what is required for you to proceed through the application process.  Keep in mind that just because a company “offers” you a product does not mean they are a scam.  That is fine and a legitimate way to monetize a site and keep it going.  But buying anything should in no way be ‘compulsory”  or required.

The best way get scholarships online is to make it a goal to fill out as many of them as you possibly can.  Set a reasonable goal of the number of applications you want to complete and turn in and then stick to it.  The more you do the better chance you have at getting a percentage of them approved.

Free Scholarships to Pay for College Education

Written By: admin - Sep• 04•10

Unless you were born with wealthy parents you are most likely going to need scholarships to help you get through school.  The price of college tuition is not cheap.  In fact as colleges and universities become more of a business than actual non-profit organizations the price of going to any type of higher education becomes even higher with every passing year.  Even if you are a student is relatively good grades unless you receive a “full ride” (via academic or sports related scholarships) you will need financial assistance.

The good news is that there are endless online scholarships of every type that you can apply for.  They range from offering qualified students several hundred dollars to awards in the tens of thousand dollar range.  The list of scholarships that you can apply for are endless.  You just have to find them and apply for them.  Some of them require you do something, like a writing sample, and others do not.  Though the whole process may seem tedious the great thing about scholarships is that there is no additional pressure, unlike student loans, to pay them back after you finish with school.

Again, the process can be long and tiring.  They can take a couple hours to complete.  This is the main reason why many college students do not go after them or exert the full effort to finish the application forms in the allotted time.  And this is preciously why many scholarships, particularly ones online, go unrewarded at the end of a school year.

It does not have to be as hard as people think.  The key is knowing how to go after them.  The hardest part of finding a good scholarships is looking for one to apply for.  In order for this not to become overwhelming you need to plan in advance and strategize.  Here is how you can do that.

Start Well In Advance

Its best to start looking for scholarships as early as possible.  Do not wait till the last moment.  You are not the only one who will be looking for scholarships.  There are millions of people going to college or people already in college who need free money.  The competition is stiff and the best ones get picked off first.  If you wait until the last minute you will find most of the good ones are gone and the only ones left are the “pie in the sky” scholarships.

Utilize All Possible Networks

Most people will do a search of potential scholarships online or ask the local guidance counselor at the school they are attending. This is what everyone else is doing.

There are other less traveled networks that you will have a better chance at.  Businesses and local organizations are some of the best.

Many local businesses love giving away scholarships every year.  Not only does it look good but they get tax credits and incentives to do it.  Research some local businesses in your area and see if they offer these.  You will be surprised.  The same goes for organizations.  The Better Business Bureau, local business associations and other groups routinely have fund raisers to fund scholarships programs.

Make A List

Come up with a list of potential scholarships that you are qualified for and start filling out the applications.  Make it a goal to set aside an hour a day to do one or more of them.  The more scholarships you apply for the better chances you have at getting one.  If you were to spend a whole month doing one application a day you would have applied for 30 of them at the end of it.  If were approved for just 10% of them you would have 3 scholarships.  Now if you do that for several months just think about how much free money you could net. Yes, you do have a sacrifice an hour everyday but its more than worth it.  Its a lot better than working two jobs and going to school in order to pay for everything!

These are just simple tips you can use in order to put yourself in a good situation for college.  Scholarships can make life a lot more easier for you in the short and long run.  Unfortunately, everybody wants them and there are a limited number available when you factor how many people need them.  Starting early, expanding your network and making a list that you will stick to will give you the best chance at getting them.

Student Loans

Written By: admin - Aug• 29•10

There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to student loans.  The media is mostly responsible for this due to many of its stories giving its viewers substandard information without all the details included.  Readers of these stories jump to conclusions, make all kinds of inaccurate conclusions and then pass them along as fact to other people.

When it comes to student loans there were in fact some changes to them in the new Healthcare Bill that was passed but they are not as major as people think. A major reason many of the changes were passed was to help offset the total cost of health care.  How so?  It basically took away loan guarantees from lenders (freeing the government of the obligation to repay them for unpaid student loans) and directly collection the internet from student loans.  At the end of the day they took out themselves as being the middleman between students and lenders while at the same keep putting themselves in a unique position to still receive profits from the interest on these types of loans.

While there is a great degree of risk with banks offering these kinds of loans there is also a chance for them to charge more for them.  Instead of being able to charge interest of 1% they are able to get 4.5%.  That is a huge increase.

Lets go overview some other basic items that will affect people.

The Price of A Student Loan Is Higher

This part is actually a plus for people with student loan debt.  With the passing of the new bill repayment is not only extended but the monthly payments required is reduced.  Before monthly payments could be as high as 15% of your discretionary income.  Now its 10%.  Additionally, loans can be forgiven at 20 years rather than the 25 years that is was before.  So now its more affordable and easier for people to pay down their student loans during the pay back period.

Reduction of Available Financial Aid

Financial Aid covers more than people realize.  Many things like college or university grants, discounts, student loans, private subsidized scholarships and grants are funded by government Financial Aid. Because of the lagging economy there have in fact been less private grants and related programs being handed out but this had absolutely nothing to do with the US government. The predominate methods of student aid has always been through student loans and they are as readily available now as they ever were.  You have no idea what you qualify for so its best to go to the Financial Aid office at your college or university and let them review your circumstances.

My Parent’s Income Is Too High to Qualify

It is true that many types of Financial Aid is based upon the income of the parents.  But that is just one piece of the equation.  Income levels are not the only factor that is looked at.  For instance your parents might make a high income but you may have several other siblings, high medical expenses or other factors that limit their ability to help you pay for school.  Additionally, many grants and scholarships are based on achievements and have nothing to do with a person’s family financial status.

Every institution has their own method for determining a person’s financial “need.”  The resources and programs one college has will vastly differ from what another has.  Again, the best way to find out what you can get, in the way of free money for school, is to ask.  Go to the Financial Aid office well in advance of you starting school so you can see what you can get in the way of help and how much you will have to earn to cover the remaining balance.